Looking after your real Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees are natural products which require some care when brought indoors. All Christmas trees will lose some needles - but obviously you want to keep this to a minimum by buying a fresh tree and taking care of it as well as possible. It is important that you follow these instructions to keep your tree in good condition throughout the festive period.

When we deliver your Christmas tree, you might want to put it up straight away or you may want to leave it a while until you’re ready. If so, you should place the tree in water and leave it outside until you are ready to put it up and decorate it.

Saw approximately half an inch from the base of the Christmas tree before you put it up. This is one of the most important and most neglected steps in looking after your tree. Christmas trees are like cut flowers. Within a few hours of being harvested, the pores in the trunk which carry water become filled with air and less able to carry water to the branches. Cutting a small portion from the end of the trunk removes this blockage and enables the trunk to absorb the water it requires, helping to keep the tree fresh and retain its needles for longer. Not everyone keeps a saw to hand – so we can cut a portion from the trunk when we deliver. See our Christmas tree installation services for more information.

Get a decent, water-holding Christmas tree stand that will keep your tree in a secure position and will hold a large quantity of water. You might be surprised how much water your Christmas tree needs, so check the water level daily and top it up as necessary. Never let the water run out, as this will lead to air blocking the pores of the tree, preventing water take-up.

Only use clean, fresh water to top up your Christmas tree stand. Don’t add anything. No fertiliser, no washing up liquid – nothing at all. Any problems reported by our customers in Brighton and Hove about trees discolouring or losing excessive needles are almost always the result of adding something to the tree’s water supply.

When choosing a position for your Christmas tree, try and avoid placing it near to sources of heat like radiators and open fires, as these will dry the tree out. Air conditioning can also dry your tree out. If you cannot help placing your tree near a warm radiator, or if you office is air conditioned, then it is doubly important to cut a portion from the base of the tree and to keep water levels topped up at all times.

For more information

The British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association provides further information about making sure that you have a fresh Christmas tree throughout the Christmas season.