Christmas tree installation services

As well as offering a Christmas tree delivery service covering Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas, the Hanover Christmas Tree Company can provide a range of installation options, from cutting the base of the trunk to allow your tree to take up more water, right through to full installation and decoration.

Our Christmas tree installation options will be useful for families who are short of time, people who aren’t easily able to put up a Christmas tree themselves and workplaces requiring a beautiful, real Christmas tree but with the minimum of inconvenience .

When you select your Christmas tree, you will be offered the following installation options:

Fresh-cut base installation service

One of our tips for keeping your Christmas tree in good condition throughout the festive period is that you to cut half an inch from the base of the trunk before placing the tree in water. This reopens the pores which will have become closed within three to six hours of the tree trunk being cut and exposed to the air. Creating a fresh cut increases the Christmas tree’s ability to take up water which helps the tree to take up water and retain its needles.

Not everyone keeps a saw handy, so select this option if you would like our delivery personnel to create a fresh cut for you when they delivery your tree.

Basic Christmas tree installation service

It can be a tricky job to get your Christmas tree standing tall and straight but our delivery drivers can do the job for you.

When you select our basic installation option, our driver will cut half an inch from the base of the your tree to help it to take up water, and then ensure that it is placed securely in your Christmas tree stand ready for watering and removing from its net.

Please note, this option requires that you have a water-holding Christmas tree stand of sufficient diameter for the height of the tree you have chosen. We don’t sell or recommend the use of narrow, decorative metal stands which are frequently too narrow for the trunk and do not hold nearly enough water to keep the tree in good condition. We recommend purchase of one of our quality Christmas tree stands, but if you have one that is similar, we are happy to install your tree in it.

Stand and lights installation service

If you dread making a mess of putting on the Christmas tree lights, let us do it for you. In addition to cutting the base of the tree and putting it in its stand, we’ll put the lights on for you, making sure it looks perfect before we leave.

You can buy your Christmas tree lights from us or we can put your existing set on for you – but please make sure that it is tested and in working order before we arrive.

Full Christmas tree decoration service

Decorating the Christmas tree is the fun part, but if you don’t like it or don’t have time to do it, then we offer a full decoration service. This includes cutting the base on delivery, placing the tree in its stand, putting on the lights and decorating the tree.

You can buy a set of Christmas tree decorations from us, or we’ll use yours.