About the Hanover Christmas Tree Company

The Hanover Christmas Tree Company was set up by Jonny Anstead in 2007 and has since supplied thousands of locally grown Christmas trees to Brighton and Hove. We are part of the Local Christmas Tree Company, a network of Christmas tree business specialising in high-quality, locally grown Christmas trees, as well as being members of the British Christmas Tree Growers' Association.

2012 is our sixth year of supplying residents and business of Brighton and Hove with Christmas trees. In that time, we have delivered  to homes, offices, restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, schools, an ice rink and.. you name it - people all over Brighton have trusted us to supply them with a beautiful Christmas tree that they will love.

Why we started

We set up the Hanover Christmas Tree Company after growing tired of lugging a Christmas tree home from the garden centre each year.  We wanted to find a more convenient way. We also wanted a greener way of buying a Christmas tree. So in 2007 we decided:

- To source beautiful Christmas trees, grown as locally as possible. We source our trees within 50 miles of Brighton and Hove to reduce transport impact. This is not inconsiderable since many Christmas trees are imported to the UK each year.

- To buy only from members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.This means that the farms are sustainably managed and trees are replaced when cut.

- To provide a Christmas tree delivery service to allow people an alternative to driving to collect their tree.

- To offer a Christmas tree collection service to encourage people to recycle their trees in the new year.

Buying your Christmas tree online

We knew that one of the main worries that customers might have when buying their Christmas tree online would be whether the tree would be as good as one that they would have chosen themselves. So we made sure that we sourced only graded, premium-quality trees allowing us to provide customers with a guarantee that if you aren't happy with the look of your tree, we'll replace it. As it has turned out, many customers write to us each year to let us know that the Christmas trees we supply are the best Christmas trees they have had.

Christmas tree shop

We work closely with the Hanover Community Centre on Southover Street, where we sell Christmas trees for people who want to come and choose their own. And as we donate a proportion of our profits to the Hanover Community Association, when you buy a Christmas tree from us you are also supporting an important local charity.

Christmas trees for Schools programme

In 2009, we launched our Christmas Trees for Schools programme allowing schools in the Brighton and Hove area to buy a Christmas tree for a discounted price, with the possibility of reducing the price further by encouraging parents to buy from the Hanover Christmas Tree Company. This has quickly become a popular programme and has allowed many schoolchildren in the city the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful real Christmas tree in their schools.